Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And We're Back...

The great thing about hobbies is the fact that they can be ignored from time to time.  It's for pleasure and enjoyment.  That's certainly true about Buried Treasure.  Unless something insane happens, this blog isn't bringing home anyone's bacon.  Because of that, I'll most likely go AWOL from time to time.  The last few months has been that time. Now I'm back.

I can't guarantee I won't go AWOL again and it could be soon.  I'm not going to lie.  That said, I've got some baseball writing fever again and with the look of things in Pittsburgh - 2nd half collapse, great farm system, potential new management - there will be plenty to write about, so I'm going to sit back and enjoy the ride. Y'all - yes I said "y'all" are welcome to come along.

Buried Treasure is back baby.