Wednesday, November 21, 2012

31+ Mini Series

Currently, I'm working on my top 30 Pirates prospect list. As I write this, I'm one-sixth of the way through with prospects 26-30 finished.  What's most exciting is that a list of 30 actually includes 30 intriguing prospects.  In years past, finding 20 players in the Pirates system worth writing about was often difficult.  That's finally changed, and even 30 may not be enough. 

 In the past, I've written articles about several players that didn't make my top 30. Below is the current list.  They will start a new mini-series "31+" that will feature spotlights on other players in thefarm systems in a more narrative writing style.  Make sure to check back regularly as this will be updated regularly.  Enjoy!

Dovydas Neverauskas - From Eastern Europe with Love

Alex Lukashevich - From Eastern Europe with Love

Eric Avila - The Forgotten Man

Tyler Gaffney - Human Beanball Magnet

Adrian Sampson - Quietly Good 

Phillip Irwin - Overlooked Rotation Option

Andrew Oliver - Southpaw Special

Jerry Sands - Thing 1

Stolmy Pimentel - Thing 2

Ivan DeJesus - Thing 3

Gift Ngoepe - South African Glove Wizard

Jake Burnette - Burnett with an "e"

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