Thursday, March 22, 2012

OT: March Madness

I'm currently watching Syracuse play Wisconsin and Michigan State battling Louisville in some Sweet Sixteen action.  Figured I'd use this blog to ramble about it a bit.  Oh, I'm also watching the Pittsburgh Penguins playing the Nashville Predators.  Speaking of the Pens, I'll start there.  The Pens are nasty, especially now that Crosby is (fingers crossed) healthy.  It's ridiculous he's the Pens third line center.  Obviously that's to keep line chemistry and it makes sense.  It would be foolish to break up Neal - Malkin - Kunitz.  Plus, Cooke and Kennedy are talented enough to play with Crosby; his talent isn't being "wasted."  Furthermore, the Penguins can put Crosby, Malkin, Kunitz, Neal, and Letang on the ice for a power play and that's just silly stupid.  Their defense is solid and Fleury has been playing well.  I'll go bold and say the Pens are the team to beat in the entire NHL.  As I write this, they are up 3-0.

Back to the hardcourt.  Cuse has just went on a mini-run and is up by 10 on the Badgers.  People jumped and dove off the Orange bandwagon when the news broke that Fab Melo would be sitting.  I didn't fully.  They are still in the elite eight in my main bracket and winning it all in my secondary bracket.  That main bracket is still looking solid.  I have all eight of my elite eight teams left.  I've got Syracuse playing Ohio State, UNC vs. Kansas, Michigan State vs Marquette (currently 5-3 MSU), and UK vs. Baylor.  From there, I've got OSU, UNC, Michigan State, and UK in the Final Four with UK beating UNC in the finals.

No matter what happens, it's just fun watching.  I also love watching playoff hockey.  Playoff hockey and March Madness are my favorite two sporting "times" of the year.  It helps they are compressed into about a month and that I've seen WVU go to the Final Four and the Penguins win the Stanley Cup.  I'm sure that my favorite "time" will quickly turn into October when the Pirates make the playoffs.  Maybe this year will be the year.  That's why, even though I'm enjoying March Madness, I'm pumped for opening day!


  1. The penguins are so good it's not fair