Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chasing the Dream

Quick Update.  I love Baseball.  Thus, I love awesome baseball coverage.  Here is a site with some really cool content and an awesome concept. Included is an interview with the Pirates sixth round pick last year, Dan Gamache.  Click the link and check it out. A short excerpt after the jump.

"What was it like being drafted? What were you doing when you found out?
Being drafted was an amazing feeling. The nervousness that I had been experiencing all day was finally gone and I felt like i was being rewarded for the sacrifices that I have always made for baseball. Draft day I was home alone with my mom and dad, my brothers and sisters were still in school and when my name was called to open the 6th round when they came off a short break in their draft broadcast it kind of snuck up on us."

 Make sure to click the link to read more.