Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reaction Series

Here on Buried Treasure, I do love producing my own content.  My prospect list is all my work.  So is my mock draft and big board.  Yes I used info from other sources, but those articles are all my opinion.  Other times though, I find it beneficial to take a piece produced by another excellent baseball writer and respond to it, react to it if you will.  Sometimes it's just my reaction to news, a trade, signing, or even a rumor. That's what this series is about.  My reactions, both negative and positive, to the world of baseball.  Enjoy.  Articles after the jump.

02/25/12 - Braun - Not Guilty but Not Innocent
02/23/12 - Ryan Braun Wins his Appeal
02/18/12 - AJ Burnett Trade
02/17/12 - NL Central Breakdown
12/22/11 - Cardinals Sign Carlos Beltran
12/17/11 - Reds Get Mat Latos 
12/15/11 - Clint Hurdle on the Core Four
12/14/11 - Pirates Trade Jose Veras for Casey McGehee
12/11/11 - Thoughts on Ryan Braun


  1. today on bucs dugout someone accused you of wearing rose colored glasses. you responded off the top of your head. i would really be interested in a tell all, about the state of the state, iyo.