Thursday, December 20, 2012

Buried Treasure: A Little Introduction

My name is Jimmy Coverdale and I’m a Pirates fan from the United Kingdom, currently living in Nottingham.

I have been writing for my own blog (Pirates Musings) for the last 15 months, mainly focusing on the Major League team, and have been invited to write here to help provide a comprehensive view of the Pirates. I tend to include a lot of advanced statistics in my work, partly because of my interest in advanced stats but also because I believe that an argument should be backed up by more than opinion. As I am based in England, it does mean that I miss out of weekday night games as well as some breaking news; however I attempt to counter this by providing additional analysis – especially when it comes to player acquisitions.

I’m also on Twitter (@JimmyCoverdale) if you’d like to follow me - I’ll be posting links to everything that I publish on there. I will be writing as much as can for this blog and would appreciate any feedback.